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9 May 1988
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My real name is Caitlin. I'm studying art at the University of Nebraska, where I also work.

I enjoy almost all the creative arts, including visual art (what I'm studying), theatre, music, movies, writing, etc. I participate in a lot of these and greatly enjoy watching the others.

In terms of fandom, I write fanfiction and make icons, and I'm always up for a little meta discussion or debate.

I used to sing, though I'm very out of practice right now. Music is very important to my creative process. I have very eclectic tastes and will listen to almost anything at least once. Right now I listen to a lot of soundtracks and other instrumental music, particularly Bear McCreary who may be my favorite composer ever.

I was raised Lutheran, and still consider myself a person of faith, though not necessarily a religious person. I have developed very liberal beliefs despite my upbringing and as such I'm not as close to the church as I was when I lived at home. So basically, I'm liberal but I would appreciate respect for conservatives and particularly Christians. I know some people make that hard, but not everyone's the same and you shouldn't judge them as if they are. Christianity does not equal fundamentalism all the time.

I feel very strongly about GLBT rights and other social issues dealing with discrimination or injustice.

I occasionally have problems with anxiety and panic attacks. Sometimes I might vent or whine about real world goings on, though I try to keep that to a minimum. It's a stress reliever to type it all out, so sometimes it's necessary.

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