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Mass Effect 2 - Episode 11

You may have noticed there was no episode posted on Wednesday.  Here's the thing - I don't actually know how many people are watching.  Only Nicole comments.  And that's OK!  I'm not fishing for more, though I do enjoy getting them.  But aside from that, all I have to go on are the view counts on youtube.  And what I'm finding is that older vids have anywhere from 10-20 watches, while last weeks only has 3.  Obviously some of that might be mulitple watches by the same people, IDK.  But anyway, point being, when I asked about scheduling for 'season' 2 the main response I got was post when you want and we'll watch when we can.  I haven't been playing ME as much lately.  Don't worry, I'm playing through to the end!  I'm committed, it *will* happen.  But sometimes I only have time to get through 2 missions in a week, instead of hours and hours of marathon gaming, and then I only have 2 episodes worth (and sometimes less) of footage.  And if I wind up with less than 2 full eps, because of the schedule I've been playing on, I'd have to play/edit/render/upload the next ep all on the same day (I'm explaining it badly but trust me, it's a scheduling pain).  It's kind of a lot, and I don't want making this walkthrough to start to feel like a chore.  Video games are fun (mostly).  I want to have fun playing.

And as we've previously established, people were OK with having eps posted whenever, and they'd get to them when they can, and it seems like viewing is slowing down so there's no need for me to post 2 timse a week.  So from now own, ME walkthrough episodes will ONLY be posted on Saturdays.  That way you'll only have 1 episode a week to find time to watch, which I think will be especially helpful now that we're going to start having actual TV shows starting up again.

So here it is, enjoy.  I don't really have any post episode thoughts for this one, at least not that I can think of now.

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