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Mass Effect Walkthough Update - Poll

OK, I didn't link the last post where I usually do, so in cased you missed it, I've gone on a bit of a hiatus due to not having enough time to play to keep up with having eps to post.  And I said I wasn't going stop and that it wouldn't be a long hiatus.  And I'm not stopping!  I swear!  I will absolutely totally 100% finish this walkthrough, all the way to the end.  But...I'm getting slightly burned out on playing ME.  Not the story, I will love the story until the end of time.  But I think I need to take a break and play something else for a little bit.  Because ME is really the only game I've ever been really into, and I've pretty much been playing it nonstop since I started in the summer.  And it's awesome, and I love it, but I'm repeating things I played only a month ago or so. 

I want to extend this hiatus.  I mean, if we're thinking of it as a TV show, really you guys have gotten a season and a half with only a few tiny breaks so far.  But.  I started this for you guys.  I want to make sure this works for you.  Because I could play through to the end of 2, at least, before going on hiatus, so you're left with a more definite end, if you just have to know right now how the 2nd game goes from where we left off.

So.  Poll.  If I do go on the extended hiatus now without finishing 2, I'm thinking I'd come back in January some time.  If I finish 2 and just delay starting 3, it might be a little later than January.

What is your hiatus preference?

Pretty please finish 2 before the hiatus
I'm OK with where we left off
Doesn't matter to me
Some other option I will tell you in the comments
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