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05 September 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Back from con, and that means we now resume our regular schedule!

[After episode thoughts]
I don't have a huge amount to say about this one except TALI'S BACK TALI'S BACK TALI'S BACK!!!!

I like Tali, OK?  Also, her theme is one of my favorites from this soundrack. 

29 August 2012 @ 09:31 am
Last ep before Dragon Con!  I may or may not post an ep on Sat, I'm not sure yet.  I have the stuff recorded, editing right now.  I just don't know if I'll think of it.  So it's a toss up, basically.

[Post episode thoughts]
OK, so, bit of a more low key episode. 

One of the interesting things about these games is that, because you have so much control over the journey and how your character behaves, you really end up with a lot of headcanon, at least in my experience.  This is my second playthough with a straight paragon Shep, and she's doing a lot of the same actions as my first paragon Shep, but her motivations may be very different in my mind. 

Anyway, lots of headcanon.  But I'm still limited to the dialogue and acting choices that were recorded, which may not always 100% perfectly convey *exactly* what's in my head.  Or maybe it does and I'm just paranoid what I want isn't coming across, IDK.  But in case it *wasn't* clear, what I had in my head was this:

Horizon fucked with Shep's head.  It's like she said to TIM, it wasn't a victory in her mind because they lost half the colonists.  She failed them.  And on top of that there was Kaidan, someone who in my head canon she cares very deeply for and may have been on her way to loving if regs hadn't been in the way complicating things.  And he just completely shuts her down.  She's hurt and angry and frustrated, and she decides to give in to the meloncholy and go visit the site of the Normandy crash, and all her fallen comrades.  And then she goes back and gets completely shit faced with Chakwas because who wouldn't want to drink in a situation like that?  But Chakwas is such a happy drunk, so upbeat and positive.  And then she goes and finds Kaidan's message in her inbox.  The audio is not part of the game.  The actor released it online as a special treat for Kaidan fans.  I decided to add it because I think he does a really good job making you feel Kaidan's regret and confusion and still lingering frustration and anger.  And even though it hasn't really made any of the situation better, both Chakwas and Kaidan make Shep realize that she can't afford to live in the past.  She has to be Commander Shepard and save the galaxy.  So she sucks it up, she tries to move past the hurt, and she starts dealing with the needs of her team.

And boy does she have a lot to do, lol.

[Additional spoiler for Nicole]
You get Tali in the next episode so STOP SPOILING YOURSELF WOMAN :P

27 August 2012 @ 09:04 am

*ahem*, OK, got that out of my system.  Since this is my first con ever, I have questions, because I know literally nothing.

First off, if you're going to DC could you please post a comment here or send me a PM or a DM on twitter or something?  I'd really like to get to say at least a passing hello to everyone, especially those I haven't met yet (which is most of you).  Hanging out would be even cooler.  If you want you could even message me your phone number, though it's not required (it'd just make facilitating finding each other and hanging out easier).  I would, of course reciprocate. 

Also, autographs.  I have something from my brother to get autographed by Tara Strong (and from my bff but I know if the line is long enough you can only do one thing so bro gets priority...unless someone wants to come with me to get the other thing signed regardless of line length...she's one of the voice actors for My Little Phony...*ahem*, anyway) so I'll need to find her.  Obviously I would love to get something from Katee and a few others actors if they're doing it.  Is there a list somewhere of who's doing autographs and who isn't, or a schedule?  The app for my phone has a list of autograph signings, but it's very limited, I have a hard time believing out of all their guests it's just a handful of authors doing them. 

And once we've established who's doing autographs and when, what do y'all get signed?  I've been told they usually have pictures for sale there if nothing else.  Are they a reasonable price?  I don't know what I'd have Katee sign except for maybe a DVD but I use those and I have a feeling I will want to, like, frame her autograph or something.

Also, I know cons have official picture taking?  Or something?  Sometimes?  IDK.  NEWB, OK, FILL ME IN.
26 August 2012 @ 01:39 pm
A day late!  Well, I got through 3 weeks of posting on schedule.  For me that's pretty miraculous.  And at least I'm only 1 day late!

Just a heads up, I'm going to attempt to play another mission or 2 today, but right now I only have 1 more episode left 'in the can'.  With Dragon Con this week, I may not get an ep up next Saturday.  I'll have the computer with me, so if I get the ep played and edited I can upload, but we'll just have to play it by ear.  After that I should have more time to do some marathon sessions and get a bunch recorded.

[Post episode thoughts]
Praetorians are evil evil evil motherfuckers and I hate them.  Not as much as I hate some other enemies that you'll meet eventually, but they're up there. 

I think there were a couple music glitches during this mission.  The 'bad guy fight' music kept playing at one point after I had killed all the bad guys so I kept running and ducking behind cover because I thought more would be coming any minute, and it never happened.  That was right before I found the guy hiding.  So that was fun. 

Also, Kaidan was back!  And a total dick!  To be fair, Ashley is just as pissy and angry if you save her (and Ashley also gets that cheesy music riff when coming around the corner, love interest or not).  Basically, the former teammate who was Alliance will always be loyal to the Alliance.  And to be fair, I do think Kaidan has reason to be angry.  Not at Shepard, per se, he's a total jackass to her.  But he did go through a lot, losing someone he loved and then finding out she was alive and working for a group he saw do horrible things not too long ago.  But he really does take it too far, and refuses to listen in his anger. 

Time for a little meta, since I'm still trying to figure out *why* I like Kaidan (it's confusing even to me) and talking it out helps.  I think Kaidan's unwavering loyalty to the Alliance, and his unwillingless to even consider helping Shepard as long as she's working for Cerberus, comes from his past experience that we learned about in game 1.  Killing his turian instructor, and having someone he cared about turn against him because of it, had to have fucked with his head really badly.  The Alliance was, in a way, his savior.  It gave him discipline, to learn to have absolute control over his powers, so that he would never accidentally hurt someone again.  And it was a way to prove that his biotics could be used for good, not just to cause harm.  So yeah, my view of Kaidan is that the Alliance basically saved him.  That's why it feels like such a betrayal that Shepard would work for one of their enemies, and why he's so harsh.  So, he's a total dick, but I do have some sympathy for his position. 

22 August 2012 @ 10:35 am
This just finished uploading and it's still processing so he highers (what the hell was that typo even) hi res isn't up quite yet (except it totally is by now, yay editing posts), but I wanted to get it up before I left for work.  Which I need to do 2 minuets ago.  So.

[Post episode notes]

Obviously I don't have time to do a lot of post ep thoughts.  Mostly, I adore Jack. 

I missed a bit of dialogue when I recruited her, it just kind of went by me real fast.  All Jack says' if you ask her 'so what' in response to her saying you're Cerberus is that they've been hunting her for years and put a big bounty out on her any time she gets free.

18 August 2012 @ 07:09 pm
So, remember how in game 1 I talked a little bit about maybe doing some side missions, that weren't important for the main plot, with commentary?  But there were tech issues and I sort of gave up on the idea?  Yup, totally did it this time.  So today, instead of a proper episode, I have 3 vids for you.  

1: There was a series of missions that I started and then decided to record the last several.  This vid is me doing that, with commentary, no editing involved, just straight what was there.

2: This one I didn't have a set of missions, my goal was to wander around the galaxy and explore at random while recording commentary, find a few side mission, and cut together kind of a 'best of' reel.  Well, about the first 30 minutes I did that it went well.  I mean, I didn't find any side missions, but I said some funny stuff and picked up a lot of stuff.  And then tech issues happened.  And basically, the rest of the stuff I recorded, included the side missions I finally found, were useless.  The audio was bad.  And not just in a well you can't hear me but you can still hear everything else fine kind of way, in a this is too painful to listen to kind of way.  There was feedback involved, shall we say.  So this was the longest session I recorded, and the shortest video.  Go figure.

3: This one has no commentary.  It's a little closer to an actual episode than the other 2.  You've seen me do a couple missions on Omega now, but there are actually more side stuff you can do.  I didn't really have a plan though, I just kind of wandered around, so sometimes I did things in a stupid order, like say buying a bunch of stuff and then talking some people into giving me a discount that was no longer useful to me.  But meh, whatever.  So yeah, this one has a lot of wandering around and listening to random funny things and such.  There's nothing plot crucial in here, but there's some fun Aria info.

Vids behind a cut this time, since there are so many.

Vids over this wayCollapse )
15 August 2012 @ 11:10 pm
OK, so I maybe kind of sort of forgot about this, but I still have 1 hr left in Wed, so I'm totally still on schedule!

[Safe to read after episode watched]

So I admit it, I totally put off recruiting Mordin until I had Grunt just so I could get the "is anyone else hungry" dialogue. 

And yeah, I got lost.  A couple of times.  Whatever.

Also, MORDIN!  I love Mordin.  Mordin to me always seems like a particularly ruthless, sciencey incarnation of the Doctor.  Something about the stream of consciousness talk.

It's now safe to listen to episode 5 of Turians and Tourettes.

Just a heads up, there WILL be new Mass Effect walkthrough content posted on Saturday, but it will not be a proper episode.  It's more....bonus material ish.  You'll see.  I don't want to completely spoil it, but I wanted to give a little notice, in case y'all are just sitting breathlessly waiting for me to upload new episodes.
11 August 2012 @ 09:31 am
Ready for another ep?

[After episode thoughts]
I really love my sniper rifle, guys.  Like, a lot.  It's even better in 3.  In 3, when you make a perfect head shot, heads actually explode. 

So the council is being as useless as ever.  But it is nice to have them alive, I guess.  If you let them die in 1, the new council is basically exactly the same, still useless, and everyone is a dick to you on top of it because you sacrificed their leaders.  So whatevs.  At least I'm still a spectre.  Scaring people into doing shit and all.

Also, that room with all the krogan that I kept shooting?  Turns out they perpetually spawn until you reach a certain point across the room.  I've apparently always gotten to that point very quickly without knowing it, and didn't this time, so I kept thinking, wow, this is a lot of krogan, there aren't usually this many krogan.  So, sorry, you kind of got stuck with a krogan shooting gallery.

Oh, and did you "spot" the other BSG actor?  I somehow missed it at first, even though now it seems like the most obvious thing EVER.

08 August 2012 @ 10:18 am
Only 1 short tech note this time, hurrah.  I died during this mission.  Several times.  I don't usually.  It just figures that when I was recording was when it happened.  So there are a couple of jerky places where I cut out the dying but there was no good place to seamlessly cut in.

Post episode notes:

[Don't read until you've watched]

I flove him.

Let's see, other things I could tell you...oh, so it's actually possible to not recruit Garrus in 1.  At all.  He'll still show up as Archangel in this one, or so I've been told.  I don't know why you wouldn't recruit him, though.  He's awesome.

I think that's it.  I am less than a font of information at the moment.

Also, it's now safe to listen to episode 2 of Tourians and Tourettes if you'd like. 

Going forward will be a little trickier because you can do things in any order and me and theinsomniakid aren't necessary doing the same order.  I will link episodes when they're safe to listen to, even if that means I don't link any episodes for several weeks.
06 August 2012 @ 05:52 pm
Episode 3 will go up on Wed.  Here's a little synopsis to tide you over:
[Cut for those who'd rather not know, no real spoilers though]
A tough battle puts Shepard and her crew to the test.